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Otsledit knows when the price drops

Is price one of the main critical factors when buying goods in online stores? Then your first step is monitoring prices on sites. Unfortunately, this is not an exercise that can be performed only once – the data changes very quickly, and there are a lot of online stores. This monitoring should be carried out frequently – weekly, daily, and preferably every hour. And the key to success is that you do not miss the changes you are interested in on the site – (real!) price reduction.

Price monitoring with Otsledit automates the process of tracking the prices of goods that you are interested in.


price tracker otsledit_1.jpg (56 KB)


Using the Otsledit extension is quite simple and convenient. And, what is important, the use of all its functions (browsing history, tracking frequency, browser or email notifications, notification filters) is absolutely free.



price tracker otsledit_2.jpg (50 KB)


Click ‘create track’ or ‘track price’ (for most online stores, Otsledit can recognize the price itself) and the extension will start working.


price tracker otsledit_3.jpg (27 KB)


The history of each track will be stored in your watchlist.


price tracker otsledit_15.jpg (24 KB)


The Otsledit extension will save your time, money and save you from endless manual price controls, from a lot of travel on the Internet and viewing various offers, as well as from fake discounts.