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Monitoring of changes on the website or find the differences with Otsledit

We often monitor websites in order to track changes in prices of products we are interested in, information about the appearance of goods in stock or of the right size, job ads, updates to news feeds, new reviews or new posts and various content of interest to us. Otsledit can help you to track changes on any website in question.

Otsledit – free browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex.Web browser. A simple but reliable tool for monitoring changes.


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The extension can be configured to track pages and send alerts about everything that is important to you. You can receive instant browser notifications or email notifications.


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An extended set of filters allows you to avoid unwanted notifications. You can select the block you are interested in on the page to track visual changes, or you can choose to track keywords/phrases or set a condition – for example, to receive notifications when the numerical value decreases or increases from the value you set.


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You can also configure the extension to monitor sites with the required frequency: the minimum scan time is every minute, the maximum is every 24 hours.

Otsledit has a very convenient feature that shows the differences, which is activated by the ‘show changes’ button and allows you to see what has been added (green selection) or removed (red selection) in the monitored block on the page.


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Otsledit is quite easy to use, so anyone can use it to track changes on the site. By installing the extension, you will be the first to know about the changes on the site you are interested in.