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How to find out about discounts with Otsledit

What can bring a lot of positive emotions is the purchase of a long-desired product, and even more pleasant when it is purchased at a discount. Saving during online shopping is real with Otsledit.

Otsledit is an extension with a talking name that will help you to track the price and find out about discounts.

Install the extension and create tracks with the desired products.


price tracker otsledit_4.jpg (36 KB)


Otsledit will track the price on sites with your (future) purchases every day (every 24 hours), every hour or even every minute (it all depends on you) .


price tracker otsledit_6.jpg (28 KB)  price tracker otsledit_5.jpg (25 KB)


Select the filter mode ‘number decreased’ and you will be the first to know about the discounts. When the price goes down you will receive a notification. Now you just have to make a purchase at a discount.


price tracker otsledit_7.jpg (35 KB)


Save time, money, and enjoy online shopping with Otsledit. otsledit_bell.png (55 KB)