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Aliexpress price tracker. How to monitor price changes?

Aliexpress ia one of the most popular online stores is actively demanded among millions of buyers all over the world thanks to acceptable cost of goods and wide range. Periodically change of price on Aliexpress for the same product in short period is common thing. However, not all users know how to benefit and buy liked goods at very attractive cost.


Love AliExpress? We have tool that can help you find better ways to buy on AliExpress. Otsledit is price watcher and you shopping helper.  Once installed, you are ready to watch the changes on any page.


Following are the steps to create your first track using Otsledit:

Step 1. Open the web page you want to track.

Step 2. Click the Otsledit icon on the Chrome toolbar icon.

Step 3. Click the TRACK PRICE button.


You’re all set – just keep an eye out for price changes alerts!


You can also add filters, for example and we’ll alert you if we see that the store drops its price below the amount you choose.


Aliexpress price tracker _ _.jpg (114 KB)



To get an email when there is a change in price, click on ‘Sign In’ to add your email account.


Otsledit is an excellent Aliexpress price tracker. Have successful tracking on Aliexpress!


Also, expansion will allow not only track the price of goods in global marketplace but analyze:

*prices of sellers in other online stores;

*views of goods/pages/photo/video;

*customer reviews;


*rating and other.